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“Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground!" Rumi


“Mirja is extremely knowledgeable; she lives and breathes the practice of both asana and yoga philosophy on and off the mat and the depth of her practice brings clarity, precision and intelligence to her instruction.

Mirja is an attentive teacher and is quick to identify areas of strength and weakness and guide pupils with sensitivity and good humour. She has an excellent understanding of anatomy and works carefully to consider how previous injuries or current limitations might hinder students; working with them to find more ease in their practice.

Her enthusiasm and dedication to the practice is infectious and I value studying with her enormously, thanks Mirja!”

Charlotte, London



“I started practising with Mirja last year and was immediately struck by the clarity of instructions and ease of demonstration. Mirja’s evident passion, love and understanding of yoga makes her teaching truly inspirational and fosters a similar love and yearning to explore more under her expert teaching”.

Julie de Senneville, London



“Mirja carefully crafts each lesson to our personal requirements. No two lessons are the same. And each posture is clearly demonstrated and talked through. It is also great that she believes deeply in what she is teaching. Not least Mirja makes the lessons fun – she has a good sense of humour!”

Carole & David, London


“For the past two years I have taken classes with Mirja when she teaches at Omkarananda Pātañjala Yoga Kendra in Rishikesh. Even now, although I am thousands of miles away from her, I carry the awareness she instilled in regards to certain problems I was having. What she allowed me to see wasn’t just helpful in my āsana practice but in my daily life, so when I stand at a kitchen sink washing dishes, I am standing in a way influenced by her teaching. This is because her fierceness and dedication to supporting students is unmatched. Each of her classes is designed to meet the needs of the students who are present in that day’s class. She also takes time before and after each of her classes, as well as during her own self-practice, to help a student who is struggling in an injurious or unhelpful way. She also isn’t afraid to push students when they need to explore on their own. I really hope you get the chance to take a class from her. You will thank yourself.”

Mary, USA