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"It is through your body that you

realise you are a spark of divinity”.

B.K.S Iyengar

Mirja is a certified Iyengar™ Yoga teacher  (Junior Intermediate Level 1). Yoga found Mirja on her first trip to India in 2002 and she began teaching in 2011.


Mirja’s approach to teaching is truthful, creative & intelligent. A dedicated daily practice of āsana, meditation and chanting and a deep trust in the power of the practices enable her to teach from the heart. Mirja teaches with precision and lightness, dedication and humour, encouraging students to explore āsana as a way to increase awareness and understanding, and to find more space and freedom in body & mind.


Mirja teaches classes around London and internationally.  She continues to train in the Iyengar Yoga system with senior teachers Alaric Newcombe and Johanna Heckmann-Mohan. She regularly spends time in Rishikesh, India, where she studies with and assists Usha Devi at Omkarananda Patanjala Yoga Kendra.


Mirja believes that to be a good teacher, you have to continue your journey as a student, consistently working on your practice and understanding, whilst learning from your teachers, your students and yourself.


Outside of yoga, Mirja holds an MA in Linguistics and Modern Languages and works as a self-employed conference interpreter and translator.



“I feel immense joy and gratitude for the way yoga has transformed, and continues to transform, my life… may everyone have the opportunity to find and experience yoga!”